Conference Flyer

Finding and Tracking Particles (Mark D. Shattuck)
Photoelasticity for Contact Force Measurements (Karen Daniels)
Refractive Index Matched Scanning (Joshua A. Dijksman)
History of X-rays from 1895 until today (Randolf Hanke)
Electron Microscopy, Introduction & Lab Tour (Erdmann Spieker)
X-ray Tomography, Part 1 (Matthias Schröter)
X-ray Tomography, Part 2 (Matthias Schröter)
X-ray Tomography, Part 3 (Matthias Schröter)
X-ray Tomography, Part 4 (Matthias Schröter)
Advanced X-ray Techniques (Norman Uhlmann, et al.)
Diffusing-Wave Spectroscopy: application to spatially-resolved measurement of micro-deformations (Axelle Amon)
Scattering with THz radiation (Philip Born)
RADAR for tracer particles (Kai Huang)
Particle tracking and particle image velocimetry (Andreas Wierschem)
Positron emission particle tracking (David Parker)
Spring school opening (Thorsten Pöschel)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Part 1 (Ralf Stannarius)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Part 2 (Ralf Stannarius)

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